Spotting in 1st trimester

Any mummies here experience spotting in the 1st trimester? I had light spotting for several days and in my 6th week now.

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Yes it's normal in early stage of pregnancy. What is not normal is heavy bleeding or sharp abdominal pain which can be a sign of early miscarriage. Do note of these symptoms for your next checkup.

yes, it's quite common to have spotting. but watch out for bright red spotting or heavy bleeding. take care!

samee. spotted heavily for about a week, it seems to be fading off after 1 week.

8mo ago

nope, nothing else. it was very worrying so i went to the dr twice in a week. took blood test but wasnt given any prescription. was told that they would text me if my progesterone lvl was low. so i guess all is good since i never received any calls or texts?

yes i had spotting too. to be safe, u can always check with ur gynae.

8mo ago

yeah i had some cramps as well. i had spotting on several occasions in my 1st tri. each episode lasted 1-3 days.