Nausea and vomiting

Hi mummies Just curious at which week does the nausea and vomiting stops for you? Mine got worse at 9th week. Turning 10th tmr and I dont know what to expect. Im always always weak day and night and all i wanna do i sleep. I had to force myself to eat even when i dont feel like eating and every i ate tasted so bland and end up visiting the toilet more than once and it’s really tiring 😔 anyone experience the same thing? How do you all cope with that? #advicepls #sharingiscaring #pregnancy

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Hi mummy! I am mostly nausea and vertigo in my first trimester, hence I always bring my medicated oil around (very kiasu, one in bag, one in pocket, one at work desk, one beside my bed.. lol!!) when I reach 2nd trimester, both nausea and vertigo were kinda gone but came vomiting/bloated every meal (after every meal confirm puke) all the way until mid of third trimester when the baby’s position turn, that’s when I feel better and can eat better too! And yes, I am always tired and sleepy too! Got bed, sleep! Watch tv watch half way also sleep! I just listen to my body. If sleepy, sleep. If hungry, eat (but in small portion and I had to avoid carbs cuz it was mostly carbs that made me puke all the time).. Sleep all you can now because after you give birth, say bye bye to sleep.. T_T

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4y ago

Same here! Im gonna get some lemon candies and hope it works this time! 😊