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Hello mummies, before pregnancy, i lost about 20 to 30kg because I wanted to look good myself, was about 90kg. N first tri i didnt know I am pregnant and was upset i gain weight even though im not eating much but on 2nd tri i gain 15 kg. N constantly hungry. I scared i gain too much and not good. Will you all start to lose weight somehow? I eat in moderation and still gaining alot. I can gain 2 kg within a week! :(

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hi there. My story same as u. Ive lost alot of weight before im pregnant and now im slowly gaining back. Im quite sad too seeing my weight after all the workout/diet etc but for now all i think about my baby. Just making sure that he/she grow very well. That's matter the most. U definitely gonna lost weight after u give birth ok. U cn do it ! Just remember not to eat too much fast food and eat moderation. 💪🏼💪🏼😊

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