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Hi mummies. Anyone gave birth recently at KKH? Just wondering if my husband can stay with me for longer since their website only states visitors allowed 30mins only.

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Just give birth a month ago under subsidies pt. Husband under caregiver can stay as long as they want during visiting hours. If other visitor want to visit you, only max 30mins and need to do swab and only one person can be there with you. That means your husband has to go down till the visiting person leave. And if you're lucky enough if the nurse are nice, husband able to overnight but he can't go out after visiting hours. Must stay in the ward throughout the whole night. But I'm not sure with the current change of rules, prob no visitor for now.

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from what i heard from my friend, the hospital did not allow her husband stay over during her stay there. just the 30mins visiting period.

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Hi Mama, If you register your husband as caregiver, he will be able to stay longer. 🙏🏻

Are you on A1 ward or? If A1 should be can stay all the way with you