Pregnancy breakouts

Hi mummies! Another question won’t hurt. This is my first pregnancy. I realised that my face acne has gotten worse than ever! Has anyone ever experienced the same thing during pregnancy? How do you treat it? Will it get better over time? I’m so concerned about my skin condition right now 🥺#1stimemom #pregnancy #sharingiscaring

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Yup this is also normal as your hormones are high, that's why the breakouts. Do not use any facial products that has salicylic acid in it. Use too much, it's harmful for your baby so avoid any that has that ingredient in it. The breakouts will eventually go away. I am currently using Cetaphil Face & Body wash which is completely safe for pregnant woman and suitable for all skin types. So far I only have 1 big pimple on my chin that refuse to go away 😅 There are tons of safe for pregnancy facial products you can get at any pharmacy shops but not all are suitable for your skin.

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I had acnes all over my forehead!! I thought I’m gone case already! Acne and scars... but nearing to third trimester, I feels that the acne breakout has slowed down and now that I delivered, no more acne problem. I didn’t really anything special to treat them. I only grumble to my hub (lol) and just be more hardworking in applying mask (preg safe) and drink more water..

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Yes! Happened to me too! Horrible acne, I just used cetaphil throughout my entire pregnancy, didn’t put anything that could be harmful for the baby. Right after I delivered, it slowly started to clear! Don’t worry too much mama, enjoy your pregnancy 😊


me! I had terrible skin during pregnancy super sensitive and easily break out I just spam facial mask it helps

My first baby, muka memang naik jerawat kecik2 tu.. Lepas bersalin, alhamdulillah dah okey...

I used magna minty mask from lush to cool down the acne. It helps to speed up acne recovery

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very normal. I had breakouts with my second pregnancy

Me! i applied acne cream and put mask

I had acne on my chin .