Cramping & Baby Development

Hi mummas! I’m at Week 5 now, I’ve read that crampings in the abdominal area is normal during the first trimester. But mine usually hits on the right side of the abdominal area. Is it normal for the cramping to occur only on one side? I’ve been to my first doctor’s appointment at the polyclinic yesterday and the doctor did not even check my blood pressure / conduct any tests. She simply told me to wait for the call from NUH for my antenatal appointment but how do I assume that my baby is developing well as of now?

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Monitor for any bleeding red or brown discharge as it could point to an unstable pregnancy and further diagnosis is def required at gynae clinic. Monitor also for any sharp and unbearable cramps at a particular side. It could suggest ectopic pregnancy. Otherwise, intermittent cramps that are bearable happen sometimes even throughout the whole pregnancy And is normal.

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7mo ago

Thank you mummy for the guidance! ❤️