New born baby behaviour

Mothers, will your new born baby keep stretching and make noise at the same time ?

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Yes. But if too frequent, please take note as they could be of certain discomfort like reflux etc. Initially I thought its normal, then I realized its too often. Went to search it up, possibility of discomfort due to reflux etc. And indeed, my girl's reflux is quite bad.

Yes. My grandma said baby is stretchinf his bones ☺️ and just like us big one when instretch it feels good so there is this ahhh sound that comes out without my control it just goes out as u stretch 😊

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Yes, it’s normal. The stretching helps them to explore their space and stretch their limbs. Newborns are very noisy actually.

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I also know of adults who does the same. Hahah

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Yes its normal! 😊

Yes. It's Normal

Yes all the time

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Hahaha yes


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