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Hi mommy's who tried this tian wie signature for confinement, any review or feedback about their food? Is it good or any other confinement recommended? Thanks in advance

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honestly I tried it for one month lunch and dinner. first week I thought it was fantastic then as the weeks went by the taste I realized is almost the same for all the so called western and Chinese cuisine. it's like they used the same sauce to cook everything and soon whenever I saw the red tian wei thermal bag I felt like vomiting. perhaps you can just order for first two weeks or so because after that you will be very sick of the food

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when I had mine in 2019 was good but recently this July really bad..sorry but I have to say it's slightly better than hawker mixed vege rice only I don't understand why their FB review can be so fantastic, no repeating? I dunno how many repeating meal. Soup is oily, some dishes is salty, some tasteless not worth the price

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Tried their trial in Jul, impressed with the quality, taste wise not bad (imo), packaging was ok didn’t leak and still pretty hot when received. CS called me 2 days later for follow up/feedback which other caterer didn’t bother to do. In the end I took theirs, will be trying out the meals in Nov.

I had tian wei confinement food for my confinement in aug. I would say they allowed more flexibility and ability to customize more to my liking. You could actually try out their trial meals? I asked for lower sugar hence cant comment much on it..

you can try their sister company, relacto which is way cheaper. their food is pretty decent too but any way, after awhile you will get sicked of confinement food.

Ordered for 28days lunch and dinner… regretted .. should have done just 14days… overrated…