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Hi mommies, today I am week 16 and still vomiting... There are so many basic food smells that I can't tolerate. It started with just garlic which was already bad enough as most foods contain garlic... But recently it has become that almost all meats and even eggs taste funny to me. I can't stand fried foods and smoky smell even like when water is boiling or toasted bread. But I am so hungry, if I don't eat a proper meal on time I vomit too. Anyone else going through food aversions? All the mommies around me never had eating problems like me. #firstbaby #advicepls #pleasehelp #foodaversion

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many mummies i know went through the same thing, totally normal

7mo ago

it depends on their cravings and what they can tolerate. one day can just be plain biscuits, another day is fried chicken.. trial and error based on ur prererence