Hi mommies. Recently I switched my baby from Enfamil 1 to Enfamil 2. For two weeks her poo Will always be hard and she will have a hard time squeezing the poo out. At first I tot maybe her solids is causing the poo to be hard but I am giving her the same food as last time with veggies and fruits . Suspect it is the no 2 milk powder, anyone has same problem?

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I didn't have the problem when I change to stage 2 milk. But I think it's more of the solids - whenever I feed my baby vege-related solids, the poo sure to be hard or harder side. So I have been feeding water too and adding some water to the store bought purée then it was better. To find out, u can try one day don't feed solids and see if the poo got improve. I did that (not intentionally) - then that day and next day s*** were all the more cream kind My baby potatoes, carrot, spinach, avocado, rice cereal - all will hard s***. So I just dilute more and give water

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