Suggest 10 months old food ideas

Hi mommies, pls share 10 months old baby foods&suggest which brand bread is best for babies.

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There’s a ton of BLW videos for babies on YouTube and most of them are really nice! I switch in between BLW and spoon-feeding so my baby has a feel of both. All fried foods I used virgin olive oil. Should give it a try if your baby is already eating solids. Rice balls & pan-fried salmon Banana French toast Banana pancake Classic pancake Apple patties Veggie fritters Sweet potato fingers Scrambled egg & spinach Scrambled egg & mushroom Salmon nuggets Broccoli meatballs Beef & carrot meatballs Chicken salad Potato patties Broccoli patties Chicken & broccoli patties Spinach & potato cakes Pasta with veggie sauce Pasta with bolognaise sauce Mashed potato Crispy fried tofu And the list goes on! 😍

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Hey mama, Perhaps you could refer to this article from Health Hub? I found it quite useful:

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