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Hi mommies, is it normal when some days baby move quite a lot but some days you can’t feel baby movements? Is it true if you’re out and about then you can’t feel the movements even when baby is moving? #firstbaby

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it happened to me this week that the baby moved less than her usual. my husband and I did not hesitate to go to the hospital to have her checked. And I would advise the same if you feel like something is different. The medical staff monitored the heartbeat and baby's movements and thank God she's well. Apparently, since the baby is growing, theres not much space for her to move around. i was asked to go back again the next day for further monitoring. it's a serious matter that it is needed to be confirmed with another checking and it's a relief for us parents. Hope all is well with you and baby. God bless!

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2mo ago

hmmm if u are seeing a private gynae, why not go back to him or her for a check?

Call hospital for enquiry. same as mine, i called kkh and they asked me for a quick check, they don't let me delay as it been 2 days. went the for baby scan and check heart beat. the cause of it was that my baby head went up,before was down thats why we always feel movement. but once head up, we can't really feel movement, if lucky can feel below part of your tummy.

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maybe your pregnancy is before 3rd trimester ? I see many pregnant mummies say by 3rd trimester, everyday will have movement and need to monitor movement daily.. don't worry, sometimes baby move gently that's why we can't feel it, or it's still early to feel their rough movement

I was in second trimester.. i experienced 2 days ago when baby not moving for more than 10hrs when usually baby so active. Rushed down to see dr.. Baby was fine and kicking during the scan. The position of the baby that makes me cant feel the movement.

yes, especially when I am busy and on the move. sometimes I think just being busy and never really notice baby's movements but baby is actually moving per normal ☺

yes it’s very true.. when you are moving, the rocking is so soothing for baby that most of the time they’ll be asleep. don’t worry so much

Yup. You can feel him/her more when you’re lying down or sitting down