Rashes/Eczema ?

Hi Mommies, i need help. My LO have been having this rashes kinda eczema. Went to doctor before his 3 month checkup, doctor mention it was normal probably heat rash, drool rash. But its been going in for almost 2 month now. His skin feels rough, at times rashes and his cheek, under chin, his armjoint, and his knees area. Any solution? #advicepls #firstbaby #pleasehelp #worryingmom #1stimemom #firstmom

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My boy is 27 months old and it sounds like your boy may have eczema like mine. My boy's eczema is mild but the face will flare up for 2 weeks, subside for 2 to 3 and then the cycle happens again. The good news is it will get better but if it is the same condition then you'll need to go to a paediatric who is experienced with such issue. They may prescribe you will a few creams and advice on the usage and care required based on your child's condition to manage the outbreak. But your baby is still very young so you may observe a bit longer? As a general care, clean face properly after each feed. Apply moisturiser or some form of organic face barrier cream. Use hypoallergenic detergents for washing and buy clothes and bedsheets that are made of material that doesn't irritate skin. Moisturize a lot 😉😅

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2y ago

at the moment he's recovering as we try to us QV Baby Wash & using organic balm all over his body & face. but it will come again when he drools and touch his face. so i just think it's his drool rash? we'll visit the doctor if it got worse. THANK YOU:)

Are u breastfeeding? If u r maybe u can seek 2nd opinion could be from some food intake.. Like eggs or chicken.. Or maybe try to use wet towel clean his face well after every feed. Best is to check again, if its making u worried. Seek 2nd opinion.

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You have to change detergent, body wash and lotion. As above picture you can use this body wash for eczema is awesome. You may look for me if you are interested. My fb name is Pamela Si Ying

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2y ago

yes changed the body wash already , so far so good :) thank you

Try California Baby cream with calendula extract. Their price are pretty on high side however, only require a little application which works wonder on baby’s skin.

2y ago

will try if it get worse thank you :)

Super Mum

why not try to seek 2nd opinion?

2y ago

will go if it get worse, so far recovering thank you :)