Ultrasound Photos Storage

Hello mommies! May I know how do you all keep your ultrasound photos to make it last longer? #firstmom #FTM

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I bought self laminating sheets (bought on Shopee) and laminate each picture as I read that the scans will fade over time. Also scanned each piece to keep as digital copy in case haha

3mo ago

https://shp.ee/exhbr6a Not sure if this is the best option. I saw online that there are photo size laminating sheets from 3M but I got these because it’s more affordable. The hassle is cutting them into smaller sizes before using and it took some practice to get the hang of sticking it together by using a card to smoothen out. My first few sticks had many air bubbles.. subsequently it gets better. You can try on other things before the ultrasound pics so you don’t spoil them. Really need patience!

My husband bought laminating sheets from shopee! Then we put it in an album

I scanned it and stored in my computer and Dropbox and Google drive