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Hi mommies, May I ask how do you manage the feeding timings when start introducing cereal/solids? Like say feed milk at 9am, follow by how long later you give cereal? Then after how long again after cereal you give milk again? Idk how to manage the timings in btwn, TIA! #FTM

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i give a combination of solid and formula for her lunch and dinner. my 8.5 months will have her 210ml formula at 8am, have solid and 120ml formula for both her lunch 12pm and dinner 5pm. She will drink another 210ml at 9pm then zzz. for a start you can give her solid and some formula for a meal, i will suggest lunch just in case she has allergies and you can get help easier. you see how long your baby digest that meal and then slowly adjust portion.

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My baby is mixed fed BM and FM so I follow the FM timing interval of 3-4 hours. So if he drinks milk at 9am, his puree feed will be ard 12pm. And then the next milk will be ard 3 hours aft tt.