3rd trimester

Hello mommies! Do you feel like you are just too tired to go to work already? Just wanna stay home until birth. Wish we could all just a 6months leave instead of 4months ML🤣🤣🤣 I'm now at 28weeks, few more weeks to go!!!! #1stimemom #pregnancy #experiences

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Hello just to share..I was pregnant when covid started in 2020. So most of the time I was WFH throughout my pregnancy. I only had to go back to office on my 8th month to hand over some work to the temp person replacing me during my ML. Came back to office when baby was about 5 months old and I hated every minute of it. Eventually I quit my job when baby was about 7 months and it was the best decision ever. My husband doesn’t earn much. Just enough to buy milk, diapers, our food, our transport, etc. and that’s totally fine and we are happy with what we have. We are alternating between my parents place and my in-laws while waiting for our BTO to be ready in Sept 2022. Not rushing to move in at all cause there won’t be much stuffs that we can afford to buy at the moment. I am also currently 8 months pregnant and taking care of my 20 month old firstborn. So we are living our humble lives quite moderately, free from work stress and I get to see my firstborn’s milestones everyday. Hang in there Mama, your time will come and you’ll understand why some choose to quit their jobs and stay home while others can’t wait to go back to work. Maybe, you’ll fall into the latter category, who knows? 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️

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I wish Govt will give us 10 months pre-maternity and 6 months ML 🤭🤣.. I still remember e hard time from all types of nauseous, giddiness, brain KO by itself during day time in office and blah blah till 2 whole weeks of Braxton hicks bed ridden when I was carrying my first born.. Okay, I don’t even know how I survived e whole 39 weeks! 🥳

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Hi mummy I am 27 half weeks now and yes the feeling of fatigue and nesting is real. Thankfully can still wfh. Maybe see if u can do wfh arrangement? I feel it helps cos I cut down travel and getting ready time and I can stay in comfy home clothes ❤️ Save that ML for spending with baby when baby is born. It’s worth it.

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I'm always in awe of all the working preggy ladies 🥺 I'm currently in 3rd trimester also & not working but already feeling so tired! My back hurts, insomnia kicks in, no appetite at times and so much more. Salute to all you ladies. May the rest of your pregnancy be a smooth & easy one 💛

Same goes to me.. i feel tiring and lazy to go to work since my work shift is 12 hr, with pregnancy 28 to 32 week.. and I’m now on maternity leave when i was 36 week plus.. the more week goes by, the more tiring….

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Ikr is tiring when I'm counting the weeks till my MATERNITY LEAVE. Feel soo dreadful

Same for me. I’m 30 weeks and I just want to sleep all day. After breakfast I will doze off. Thankfully my gynae gave me HL and MC for 2 weeks and I’m dreading going back to work next week 😭

1mo ago

Omg sooo shiok to get HL 2 weeks hahaha

Meeeee right now! 😅🫢 34 weeks and i'm like so done with work. My ML is starting soon and i'm just not in the mood to work already, feeling the ML starting. 🤣

I feel for u! I'm 38 weeks now, been struggling thru the past month or so! even thou I wfh, I just can't wait to log off for 16wks 😂

Same for me, 34 weeks now and suddenly feel so heavy and tired all the time and just want to be sleeping 😴

Haha! I am starting my ML next week (Week 37) and yes, I wish we had 6 mths ML as HL is hard to get 😝