Pain each time i turn

Hi mommies ! It’s 5am & I’m really having a super sharp pain at my lower abdomen around there each time i turn in my sleep & now I can’t go back to sleep . I have my pillow on each side and between my legs . Please tell me this isn’t nothing to worry about ? As this is my 2nd pregnancy and i have never experience this kind of pain during my first . I’m at my third trimester (30 weeks ++)

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Every pregnancy is different from others even if you have been pregnant before. Ligament round pain below your belly is pretty common and very normal. All of us will experience that when our uterus is stretching to accomodate to our growing baby. Very common in the 2nd trimester till the 3rd. It's a sharp pain but normally will go away. Shouldn't feel to painful. Otherwise, please seek advice from your gynae.

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