Induced at 37th week as baby is large

Any mom has been induced at 37th week due to baby being larger than average? I'm at my 35th but baby alr 3.3kg (equivalent to 38th wk baby). Gynae informed tt I wld be induced in 2 wks' time if baby exceeds 3.6kg. Feeling anxious now as I've heard tt induced labour is more painful. Is it true? Not sure if I shld try ways to induce labour naturally? E.g walk more/ have sex/ nipple stimulation/ eating certain foods etc but at the same time I don't want to be in labour before reaching 37th week... Any mom used to be in a similar situation? What did u do? Should I wait to be induced? So far I only experienced irregular contractions which I presume are just Braxton Hicks.#1stimemom #firstbaby

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