How early do mummies do the gestational diabetes test?

Mine was scheduled at week 24, I was kinda sad my "freedom" days are gone soon as I think I have high chance of having GD because my immediate fam has it and I can feel low blood glucose after a meal before preg (that makes me worry my insulin is not working well) I don't eat much sweet stuff, just once in a blue moon, but I do enjoy the freedom to eat without diabetes like strict diet... #pregnancy #GestationalDiabetes#advicepls

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The routine urine test at evry visit could be an indicator. So then i thought i am ok, but then i failed my ogtt test at wk24, at 0.1 ranges..but to doctors it doesn't matter, fail abit is still a fail. So mine is considered a borderline case which requires diet control. Previously in early tri2 my appetite was so good, had 3 full meals a day... had sweet cravings, can have 2 cups of juice n 2 servings of fruits daily lol. Now... Just keep meals small (each meal carbs like only a fist size portion) and eat more beehoon or root vegetables. I have diabetes fren n she said she does alot walking after each meal to manage her levels. Does help abit to lower but its still not magic la.

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Walking definitely helps a bit. My endocrine doc said if possible go for walk. Had my wk24 check ytd and thankfully no nd go in insulin yet! Actually they recommend to spread more carbs throughout the day. I cut off most carbs like rice, beehoon and only eat the sides (which actually feels more filling to me)