My menses cycle already 37 days. Does it mean that i might be pregnant? Usual cycle is 28-31 days.

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Are you showing any other symptoms? For example, sore boobs, darkened nipples, nausea, weird cravings? It could also be due to stress or sickness -- my usually regular cycle tends to get messed up when I eat antibiotics. Agree with the mommy above, best is to take a test or see a doctor for confirmation.

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6y ago

Wasnt my first pregnancy actually. The previous pregnancy i didnt have much symptoms too. Quite a blessed pregnancy. Have always been regular and on time for my menses though. Shall wait for few more days and test.

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No. Sometimes menses cycle can be longer due to stress. The best way to know is check for symtoms or take a test to be accurate. If you need pregnancy test strip i have some to giveaway 7pcs per pax. P&H $1.50.. Or wait for about 1 more week to take a test

Do you mean you missed your last period? It is possible to miss a period due to stress or other reasons. Being pregnant is also one of the possible reasons. You can take a pregnancy test just to be sure.

6y ago

Not sure could it be due to stress. But kinda puzzled me if it is due to stress haha as previous months were more stressful. Just wondering what is the usual cycle for menses? Could it be more than 40days?