Massage by a local maalishwali (massage lady) is a very popular Indian confinement practice. What are the benefits of massage for a new mother?

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i never got a massage done, but my SIL did, and i think it was a good idea that she did. for one, it helped to stretch and relax her muscles, and combined with regular exercise, it also helped her get back to shape sooner than me. also, because she was always carrying the baby and feeding exclusively in the first 6 months, it helped relieve any tension points in her body, and also helped her sleep better.

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Post Natal Massage could facilitate the recovery process of the mother’s body after delivery. It would aid in: - Improving blood circulation throughout the body - Reducing the post-partum swelling - Easing muscular tension of tight/sore muscles - Pushing the uterus up and shrinking it to its original size - Reducing fluid retention - Relaxation - Reducing headaches or migraines

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Massage is very good for mental and physical wellbeing. It a necessity. All your muscles need that and needs some relaxation. It also helps to tightens the skin. People who loose alot of weight usually do Gym and Massage to burn the extra skin

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Benifits of postnatal massage- 1)Help to ease sore spots and relax muscle tension. 2)Increase the flow of blood and oxygon to muscles 3)Massage can improve lower stress level and mood 4)Make feel relaxed

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