Bleeding & No heartbeat

Hi mamas. I had light spotting this morning when i woke up and gradually it got more. Till this moment fills half a normal pad with slight clots. Went to private gynae and he can’t seem to find heartbeat via tummy scan and the scan shows smaller than supposed size. I’m supposed to be 9weeks but scan shows only 7 weeks 5 days. I went to see the same gynae 2 weeks ago, and he did vaginal scan was able to hear heartbeat. He suspects that baby have stop growing and i should just monitor and see if it naturally “come out” I’m still in denial stage.. should i consider second option and head to NUH a&e? Anyone gone through the same experience before? 🥺 #advicepls #firstbaby

Bleeding & No heartbeat
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I'm very sorry you are gg thru this. I went thru the same during my 1st pregnancy. saw a strong heartbeat at week 6. went back at week 9 was told no more heartbeat. 1 week later started to bleed with clots and contractions. baby came out naturally, so no procedures needed. the placenta is the sign if it naturally comes out. looks like a huge blood clot. abt size of a palm. but still good to do a scan after to make sure everything is out. take time to heal and don't lose faith. I got preg 6mths after and am expecting my 2nd child now. your rainbow baby is waiting but don't rush your body. Stay strong!

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