Bleeding & No heartbeat

Hi mamas. I had light spotting this morning when i woke up and gradually it got more. Till this moment fills half a normal pad with slight clots. Went to private gynae and he can’t seem to find heartbeat via tummy scan and the scan shows smaller than supposed size. I’m supposed to be 9weeks but scan shows only 7 weeks 5 days. I went to see the same gynae 2 weeks ago, and he did vaginal scan was able to hear heartbeat. He suspects that baby have stop growing and i should just monitor and see if it naturally “come out” I’m still in denial stage.. should i consider second option and head to NUH a&e? Anyone gone through the same experience before? 🥺 #advicepls #firstbaby

Bleeding & No heartbeat
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there’s a possibility that can’t hear heartbeat via abdomen ultrasound cos it’s too small. but if it helps u get a peace of mind, get a second opinion from another private gp. don’t go a&e - long waiting time for u and it’s not an emergency