The LUCKY 8 Daily Poll Party Contest! 🥳🎁

Are you feeling LUCKY today? 🤩 You should be! Get a chance to take home one of these exciting prizes by just voting on our polls daily! ✅ Swipe left to find out how you can join now! 👉🏻

The LUCKY 8 Daily Poll Party Contest! 🥳🎁
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Lucky 8 Daily Poll Party Winners Announcement 🥳 Congratulations to the winners of this contest 🙌🏽 We've sent you all an email for details on how to claim your prizes! Appreciate everyone who participated!

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Super Mum

Ended 28 October 2021 💗 Will winners also be announced here please?

Super Mum

Done on 20 October 2021 (thanks for the points rectification 💕)

VIP Member

done. 10 Oct 2021 mother of a cute daughter. ❤

Done ✅- 27th October (Wednesday)✨💫

26th October 2021(Tuesday) done ✅

VIP Member

Done! 8 oct 2021! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Done ✅ 28th October 2021✨💫

Done ✅ 26th October 2021✨💫

Done ✅ 25th October 2021✨💫