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Hello lovely mummies! Im a ftm and i am thinking of getting a bottle warmer preferably a versatile one eg. A warmer that can fit a few brands of bottles. Any recommendations? Currently eyeing on Tommee tippee but am not sure if baby prefers this particular brand of bottle

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I bought TT bottles & received a few free Avent bottles from insurance & gynae. My baby is okay with both but we personally prefer Avent more. Using both Brands with TT warmer, works fine. (Should be able to fit most of the rounded bottles. I’m not sure about Hegen tho)

7mo ago

Hi mummy, thank you for your input! I’ll consider it hehe😊

TT bottles are the widest amongst all the bottles out there from what I've observed, it should fit all brands well. I have a TT warmer n many brands of bottles, Avent, Pigeon, TT, Dr brown, Hegen, Nuk n they all fit nicely!

7mo ago

Thanks mummy for the feedback!! I guess TT warmer is really versatile!

Super Mum

I love the Tommy Tippee one simply because I it’s big enough to warm up a food jar for when you do solids later :) If not, I think the Pigeon ones are just as good.

Using philips avent warmer. I believe it fits all brand? I have used my dr brown bottles, pigeon, autumnz, philips, maymom in it before.,

7mo ago

Np! I have a unused dr brown one yet so i not sure if it is able to fit all 😂😂


I'm using Philips Avent, so far so good