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Hi am looking for a suitable playgroup for my LO and would like to hear from mummies with children in any of the following preschools in Tampines: - Sunshine Kids Care Centre (Central 8) - Small Wonder (Tampines North) - The Little Skoolhouse (TP / Tampines Plaza). Would appreciate reviews on the above, especially with regards to the teachers, environment and curriculum. Thanks very much in advance!

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My daughter just started this year N2(her first school) at Little Skool House @ TP. She loves it very much. One of the good thing is that they have lots of land space. Before HA(Heighten Alert), the teachers will bring them out for morning walk(around the campus), cycling outside their class, run and play balls at TP running track and football field. For new kid(s) joining their school, one parent is allowed to accompany their child in the school for 3 days(each day half day). Their classrooms are spacious, bright and clean. Teachers are good especially my daughter’s Chinese Teacher. Prior to attending school, we rarely speak Mandarin with our daughter at home. We do listen to Chinese songs and she is able to recognise some Chinese words, but she doesn’t speaks Mandarin. After she has started school for a month plus, she started to converse Mandarin to us, now after 6 months, she can speaks fluent Mandarin. Teachers post weekly updates on what the kids have learnt in the school for the week in the school’s portal/app. My neighbour’s son transferred over to the same school and class with my daughter and her son loves the school and teachers too.

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