Double strollers for twins

Looking for double strollers for twins. Is there any good recommendations that is not over priced? Thank you!!

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Try browsing the supermom website! They have cashback promotions. If they are twins of the same age, I feel that it is better for them to be seated side by side (rather than forward and backward) so that they are both able to see the surroundings.

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Can take a look at Joie Aire twin. $359 on SuperMom website, not considered expensive. Previously I saw another brand was $699.

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ya,if you dont mind can get second hand stroller. that is what i did for double stroller for my twin. baby jogger city select

Hi! Try to look at Carousell. Got sell second hand but still like new. And got brandnew also. Cheap cheap one :)

i used joie ♡ and i had no complain about that stroller, affordable price and sturdy

mini walker quite compact but the only thing front load only able to half recline .

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