Is it wrong to feel like u need 3d2n off from ur bb?

My lo is now going 3mths old...she is in the phase where she cannot be away from mummy... She wans full attention frm me, even when she is asleep, once she sense im nt by her side, she will start wailing and wakes up... These few days i feel pain in my abdorminal, had emergency c-sec when giving birth... im tired..but when told my husband...he said its NOT that tiring looking aft lo... Problem is..he is onli with her 2~3hrs till he goes to bed... and doesnt wake up to feed night milk...even on his day off...he doesnt fully take care of the bb... I hope im not a bad mommy to feel like i need day off frm my bb.. #FTM

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It’s not wrong to feel that way. You are just burn out. Try to talk to your husband and work something out, for example during his off day take care of the baby during the day while you can rest. Otherwise if there’s anyone in your family can help to take care of your baby perhaps you can ask that person to come over to your house and help you look after the baby like during the day so that you can rest. When the baby is sleeping do sleep beside her to catch up some rest and at the same time the baby won’t be cranky. 💪🏻💪🏻

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I totally understand what you mean and how you feel. My baby 1 month back was also like this and it lasted for around 3 month and it was so bad till she doesn’t even want my hub to coax her or feed her. When it comes to midnight feed, she only wants me when my hub tried to feed her so that I can rest more, she cried so badly and stop immediately when I carry her back to feed her. At one point, I was so tired and frustrated that I vented out on my hub due to severe lack of sleep and the level of stress was piling up from work and baby. When I calmed down, I talked to my hub to tell him what happen and why the sudden outburst of frustration and eventually we worked it out. So what we did was I still feed her midnight feed but my hub will prepare the milk and wash the milk bottle. When we go out, he will carry her with the carrier to let her know that not just the mummy can soothe her, daddy also can - it needs multiple tries, though she takes longer time to calm down. When my hub try and

It is normal to feel that way and yes you do deserve a break! I always make a deal with my husband. Every week we both will have a day of ‘me’ time. It’s only fair. And if baby wakes up and stay up all night, I will take a few hours off in the morning for myself and let him take the baby. If he thinks it’s not tiring, then let him experience taking care of baby full day. 🙄 In the meantime, maybe can leave your worn shirt next to baby if u need to leave her while sleeping? I did that with mine! It works for a while! 😂

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self care is important 💕