Night feeding

My LO last feeding is around 7plus or 8plus everyday. Then she will fall asleep. I will always dreamfeed her around 12 or 1am and it will take about an hour for her to finish the whole bottle. She is asleep and it is very tiring to feed her. Can I check if anyone of you face the same situation and what am i supposed to do? Let her sleep and wake up on her own? Don't have to dreamfeed her? I am worried if she is not getting enough fluid. She is drinking 120ml every 3 or 3.5 hours

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I only feed on demand. I dun do night feeding unless occasionally if she wakes up and requires a drink then will but that will be almost when she is abt 5 months plus onwards but that is rarely.

How old is she? I only wake my baby up to feed during her 1st month. After that I just feed on demand.

they will wake up for milk if they are hungry