intro egg yolk to 9mths old infant

LO coming 9mths. I would like to intro egg yolk. What is the recommended serving for 1st time consumption? What are the common allergic reaction that no need medical attention? If LO has rashes on eyes or red patches on skin, can give telfast? TIA ?? for sharing!

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Super Mum

Rashes (mild), mild diarrhoea During the first try, give only a tiny bit of fully cooked egg yolk. Then if there’s no reaction, you can give a little more during the next meal. The severe reaction usually doesn’t come the first time. It comes the second time onwards, so look out for that. If there’s mild reaction, stop giving the food. Keep baby hydrated (if there’s diarrhoea). Try again in a tiny amount maybe about a week later. (Don’t intro other new foods). If you keep giving tiny amounts, baby should hopefully build a tolerance. But if the reaction is more serious, (eye swelling, breathing difficulties, severe diarrhoea and unable to hydrate well, severe rashes, go to the hospital. I wouldn’t self medicate:)

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4mo ago

Thanks dear! You gave the info I wanted!