My Lo is 2 month old now and he was born a preemie. So I am very concern about him not using anything that is clean. After arguing with my husband, he finally bought a Haenim UV steriliser which I can use at home. And since then we had only given baby sterile bottles and using only sterile breastpump. The problem now is: Since me and Lo go out quite frequently and I am going back to work soon. I ask my husband if he can buy me a 59s portable UV sterilising bag (which also work as a cooler bag to store breastmilk). He was furious and insist that I am wasting money again. But I don't find it a waste of money at all. Everytime when we bring Lo out, we have to bring at least 4~5 sterile bottles (we don't repeat used bottles) and since breastpump took alot of space, I will only bring 1 sets out and dispose my breastmilk on the go. ? I simply want to bring convenient to myself and him. I don't understand why he have to be so frustated when we can wash and sterile bottles and breastpump on the go and do not need to bring as much thing when we go out.

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Simple..Use your own money and buy

3y ago

Same same! We have a joint account for savings but our own account for expenses.. always after discussion also no response 😑 In the end I will just buy whatever I want from online.. unless is big ticket item, then must talk to him seriously then will have reaction. Lol