Is Swab Test is Necessary?

Here's a little tip about it. Generally, Lying in/ Maternity Clinics wouldn't require you to undergo with the swab test as long as they've monitored you through prenatal check ups. Some of the OB-Gyne's were only require you to do CXRAY which need to be done on your 37weeks of pregnancy. Chest Xray should be done to be able to see how clear your lungs is and also if you're able to do Normal delivery bcos it needs a forceful strength to push your Baby. On the other hand, some OB-Gyne's required Swab test on the 37wks of your pregnancy to be able to see the result prior to your delivery via Normal/CS. The only down side of this, it's too expensive and it's valid for 2wks only after the result. So if you didn't deliver your baby between 37-39wks you need to repeat your swab test, WHY? 1. Bcos there are some tendency that they not might handle your delivery just bcos they're scared you might be a carrier. 2. Bcos they will put you on a isolation after delivery just in case again you might be a carrier which will cost too much by using PPE everytime they will attend you on your room. Comment down below regarding to your thoughts about this. Or share us your experience. Thank you!

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