OGTT in KKH (Subsidised) Process

Hi, Will like to check how will the procedures / process be for an OGTT test in KKH as a subsidised. Will then be any chance can see ultrasound of baby that day? Thanks.

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Hi! I just did mine 2 weeks back. My appointment was at 0830. I fasted from 12mn and came to clinic C. They will take x3 blood tests. 1) Before you consume the glucose drink -0845am 2) 1 hour after that - 0945am Saw the Dr in between as my appointment was supposed to be at 0930 (no ultrasound just doppler to check baby’s heartbeat) 3)2 hours after 0830 - 1045am I was done by 1130 after collecting medicines! *No consumption of food and drinks until the last blood drawn which is the 1045am but sips of water is allowed. And try not to vomit after until all 3 bloods are drawn, otherwise have to reschedule the OGTT.

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It will just be OGTT with seeing doctor for consultation otherwise just OGTT. They will let you know for any upcoming appt if needed for ultrasound. Usually, 1st tri x 1 appt, 2nd tri x 1 appt, 3rd tri x 1 appt. OGTT will require you to fast. After 8pm no food/no drink except plain water. You will get your morning slot as early as the Clinic C open up. Afterwhich, 1hr apart of blood taking. Then, after last blood taking then you can consume food. If you vomit or eat during this OGTT, you will be required to come back.

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2mo ago

the slip of paper says midnight though