CSect at KKH under subsidised

Hi All, can anyone share their experience of csect at KKH under subsidised? As no specific doctor is assigned, who will be doing the operation? Will a qualified doctor be doing?

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The on call residents/ jnr consultants will be doing the procedures. about 2 of them. but the on call snr consultants/attendings are available should they encounter any issues. as long as you have no complications, it should be quite smooth. i felt my surgeons did a good job with the stitching, having taken the time and effort to ensure that the fibroids/scars from the 1st csect was removed before they got baby out. they were surprised it healed messily. after surgery care, i would say it wasn't a bed of roses. as compared to TMC. def less attentiveness by nursing staff but tt's expected having many more women in their care. otherwise they were friendly. bed wasn't v comfortable. but otherwise, it was a generally pleasant experience.

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my SIL undergo an emergency c-sect as the baby doesn't want to come out even though the water bag burst. if u want to choose c sect, pls don't do it last min. so u have ample time to enquire on things you need. my SIL could feel herself being cut up that she shouted and they have to sedate her in the end. a lousy practitioner can result in this. not everyone is lucky to have a good practioner for c-sect esp. i wish u best of luck. 💕

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Done twice. Be a good patient and don’t worry so much. I was handled by a team of professionals. Assuringly good. Had a A** Prof Dr Raymond as my anaesthetist. The deliveries… Not much of pain experienced. 😂 My second delivery wound didn’t stitch up that well as they cut on the same incision. So you have to take care.🙆🏻‍♀️ I might choose SGH next time.

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Depends on what is your condition, they will assign doctors accordingly