What's your baby favourite food?

Let's share how old is your baby and what's your baby favourite food ♥️

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Mine is 2.6. Due to some reasons, his diet since birth is quite restricted to only fish and vegetables. He is always eating rice with veggy soup. Soup with a lot of ingredients from fish, mushrooms, brocolli spinach egg carrots tomatos... all his favs... he snacks a lot too. He likes biscuit, citrus fruits and frozen jelly. He is a glutton.

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When he was a baby, we blend all kinds of fruit puree for his morning. Avocado with milk powder was his fav.

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mine's going 10mths. her favourites are baby pasta, porridge, egg, tofu, rice puffs. 😃

Mine is 17 months old , and his favourite is toasts , tofu and baby pasta .

I've yet to find her favourite food. keep trying!!

Baby pasta and rice puffs :)