Leaving your kids with your in-laws...
Leaving your kids with your in-laws...
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It's okay, they are family!
Never, I trust nobody!

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depends. I don't have "inlaws," as im a single mother. though I have two kids with different fathers and would 100% leave my daughter with her grandparents but my son with a different father would never go with his grandparents ever.

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my mil does follow my pref of feeding my boy. So im ok with leaving him with her. usually will only leave him to her for a few hrs to run my errands then come back.

its ok...but i dont want to burden them always...sometimes is ok...

ok lang... para may bonding.. gusto ng mga lolo at lola yun..

Grandparents always love kids so it's safe

Yes I do leave my kids with my in-laws... they are family and I know they take good care of my kids.