Do pregnant mums always feels warm?

Lately, I can easily perspire and always feeling warm. Would love to stay in aircon room all the time. I showered almost 3-4 times a day. Do u feel the same thing? #27weeks #pregnancy

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Yes normal! When I was pregnant not long ago, my hubby cldn't understand how I cld be dressed up in sleeveless and shorts in an air conditioned room when he was all wrapped up in blanket. 2 wks postpartum and only now I realise how cold 24 degrees can be at night 😆

Yes is normal. I have the feeling before when I have my son. Drink more water because you will have to stay in aircon for long time and skin will be dry. You have to apply lotion.

yes, I feel like my body is having a fever last time n sweat a lot, I use cool clothing n shower without using heater

Me too! I sweat easily and need to wear loose dress pajamas to sleep. Even with aircon sometimes I wake u sweating

SAME. Felt that way before 30 weeks. Oh but it gets worse for me lol now 37 weeks i feel like in desert!!

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Omg yes! I rarely shower using the water heater these days & will on the fan full blast even at night

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I just stay in aircon room all day... Come out to eat only. 😂 I think confinement time hot-die-me...

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I felt I have not sweat so much in my entire life esp sleeping in air on room

Heartburn is normal you have 2 body temperature plus Sg weather not helping

Mostly I felt, as I also having nearly e same hotness even sleep in aircon