Anyone tested high risk for pre eclampsia before?

Kind of worried as I was tested high risk for pre eclampsia after blood test. But I'm allergic to panadol and probably aspirin equivalent so gynae is not giving me medication at the moment. My blood pressure has been borderline every time I visit the gynae, not sure due to anxiety or really high. But usually after the ultrasound and test again, it's normal range. Anyone tested high risk before?

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I was tested for high risk pre-eclampsia and my BP has always been borderline as well. I'm asked to take low dose aspirin since week 13 of my pregnancy until delivery. Currently I'm in week 25 and no onset of pre-eclampsia yet, but as my pregnancy progress further, doc say I'm showing signs.. I've been monitoring my BP closely with a BP monitor at home. You can consider doing that if you don't have one. I'm also doing light exercises like swimming and yoga.. I think it helps! All the best!

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I am borderline risk for pre-eclampsia and am on aspirin even though I am allergic to aspirin and NSAIDs in general. my gynaecologist referred me to a rheumatologist who did a drug challenge to desensitise me to baby aspirin. talk to your doctor about the option. May work for you too?

I was also assessed to be high risk for PE at 12 weeks which was unexpected as my BP is consistently on the lower side. I have been taking aspirin daily since, now I'm 26+ weeks and BP is still normal!