My kid has some enamel on her two front teeth wearing off...I checked with her doc n she says nothing can be done until the teeth fall off.She said some toddlers are prone to it.Anyone else's kids have this n what did you do?

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One of my friend's friend's' baby had a condition where some enamel used to come off. They showed other dentist who gave her some enamel preserving paste. Since, enamel is the hardest substance in our body, you should take it seriously if this problem has occurred. Enamel is a mineral that coats the teeth and it cannot be re-grown. But you can control further loss by cutting down on any beverages that you are giving to your kid that has acid or too much of sugar. Cut down your kid's intake of aerated drinks, sugary and starchy snacks, citrus fruits, like some kids have the habit of sucking lemon. I suggest, consult a good dentist and do whatever he tells you to and keep utmost care of dental health of your child. I am sharing this link with you, please go through it, may help you in curbing the problem.

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