Bubble tea! 🙊

Isit true bubble milk teas help boost milk supply? i have a few mummy friends telling me that. Do u drink them during pregnancy and after birth? When do you start drinking? #firstbaby #pregnancy #1stimemom #advicepls

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There's one company called HeyMilk which is selling lactation bubble tea you can try

no such thing

Super Mum

it doesn't boost supply at all oats boost supply

wow! everyone has different perspective. I'm not a bbt person though. i just thought if it helps, hw early do i have to start taking so can help boost supply moving forward. plus now alot bbt allows customized sugar level.

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Its really high in sugar . Pls reconsider

i take them after 1st trimester because i cant quit caffeine, i limit myself to 1 cup a day . post delivery, i do find it as one of my milk booster if i take milk tea :)

there's one that does from what I know. I drank bbt throughout my pregnancy with my #4 and he came out darker skin. not sure if it's due to the bbt though as all my previous pregnancy I don't drink bbt and they came out fair.

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4w ago

oh wow. thats weird

Don't think so. They're all sugar so do drink on moderation to avoid from having GD

thanks everymummy :)

Yes, there's this company that is selling bubble tea that boost milk supply. https://instagram.com/heymilksg?igshid=10v62ddfsi5s5