Pap smear

Isit compulsory to do pap smear? Anyone has experience doing it? Isit painful? I have seen articles saying it doesnt hurt but im really afraid. I rmb when im in labour the doctor used speculum and checked for dilation. It hurts like hell. I read that there’s also use of speculum and taking swab from cervix for pap smear. Im 1 week pp and 3 more weeks to go for my next appointment and im so scared gynae will be doing pap smear for me!!

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Super Mum

It’s not compulsory but since you’re sexually active, I think it’s quite important to do the test. Early detection of abnormal cells is important to prevent full blown cervical cancer. If your test is normal, the next time you need to do the test might be in 5 years (depending on what your doctor says). It was surprisingly less uncomfortable than expected, and by gynae did it really quickly too. Hugs, dear. You can do it!

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