Is using bleach to remove stains on my baby’s bib safe? Anyway alternate ways I could get rid off it?

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If you are keen on natural/homemade alternatives to bleach, Martha Stewart recommends the following: 1) Baking Soda is an effective cleaner, deodorizer, and fabric softener. Mix with water to form a paste, and use on stains to absorb odors; or add to water when presoaking new clothes to eliminate residue. 2) Borax, a water-soluble mineral with antiseptic, antibacterial, water-softening, and whitening properties. Makes mild soap more effective (add 1/2 cup to wash). 3) Sodium Perborate is a natural alternative to chlorine bleach that's made of borax and hydrogen peroxide. Add 3 tablespoons to wash water to fight stains. 4) Washing Soda, also known as sodium carbonate. It is a mineral with strong cleaning and degreasing properties. 5) White Vinegar A naturally acidic pantry staple that cuts grease, softens water, and can lighten dingy and gray laundry. Add 1/4 cup to wash.

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