Are there any disadvantages of not to letting baby have a pacifier? Like affect their brain development?

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absolutely no.

No but it can help if your worried about SIDS happening.

I won't use one, but if you do it needs to be taken away by age two.

Never came across anything that says it maybe bad for the brain development. Only that it will be a habit. Overall it's a personal choice.

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Choosing to give your LO a pacifier or not is up to what you believe in. Does not cause any major harm whether or not you choose to give.

I have 3 boys age 10yr, 7yr and 1yr. Never need to intro pacifier as it was never a need

Not at all, some babies don't like pacifiers

I think no disadvantages

you can use pacifiers up till the age of 2 with no major issues. best not to use after 2 as advised by dentist. if i remember correctly it could affect brain development if over used after the age of 2. can't exactly recall details. anything used in moderation is fine :)

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I grew up using a pacifier as a toddler. Infact my maternal side even my aunts,uncles and cousins had pacifiers.....a few till they were 5 years old :-) Everyone has turned out normal ;-) Its just a notion or superstition that pacifiers affect the brain development. Maybe front teeth come a little forward but then these milk teeth do fall off ! Pacifiers do help them "stress free" and some peace to mommies. They give them up in due course of time. My son is 4 and needs it to sleep only but pushes it out once asleep or I pull it out.

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