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In Singapore, as we are approaching delivery date, as a Dad-to-be, I am looking for information related to how to be prepared for delivery. Kindly help to clarify the following : 1. Since the delivery can take place at part of the day , should I go for rental car along with private driver so that when the delivery pain comes can go to hospital directly without waiting for grab booking ? 2. Which is the recommended insurance for babies ? 3. Which is better service - nanny service or domestic helper ? Anything else I am missing, kindly advise Thanks, Ram #firstbaby #pregnancy #dad-to-be #advicepls

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1. Not needed, don’t wait till last minute where the contractions are unbearable then you go hospital. Once it starts getting frequent and stronger, call up your hospital and prepare to go. Usually still have will time to eat a meal and shower 😉 2. I took AXA for both mummy and baby. 3. Depending if you’re looking at long term or short term and whether you need help with housework. Nanny mainly focuses on baby (or mummy too if you’re engaging confinement nanny from centres). Nanny also has no contract and don’t need a room for long term. Helper mainly focuses on either baby or house chores, but the housework is within her job scope when baby is asleep or when there is someone there to take care. Domestic helper tied down to contract, needs a permanent sleeping room for 2 years (space is to be considered here, most helper will want a room on her own.), you have to pay for levy, insurance, loan etc etc. My advise is, if there is someone who is gonna take care of baby after all the PL or ML ends, then get a confinement nanny will do. If you think you can handle baby and housework, then get confinement food. Pros without engaging nanny is that when nanny leaves, you won’t feel lost since you’ve been doing the same thing for the past one month. Also some baby experienced bottle and nipple confusion after nanny leaves, leaving parents helpless with a baby that doesn’t want the boob or the bottle.

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And honestly speaking, first 2 months is considered quite easy to handle since baby only eats, sleep and pee/poop. Don’t even need to think how to entertain baby. The downside is that you will be very sleep deprived which you will eventually get use to, and it also helps a lot when you’re going back to work. (Baby already trained you to sleep lesser)

1. Having a rental car may be ideal, but am also of opinion that a grab/taxi is sufficient. Depending how far you live away from the hospital and the timing - whether it’s peak or otherwise, you may like to book sooner than later from when contractions start. I had my contractions around 2ish, had an online meeting while eating my last meal, then had a shower and got ready. So the point is, there’s enough time. 3. I don’t have either, but when planning, was a bit worried that if we didn’t get along with the nanny or have different opinions of doing things, then it becomes difficult and also don’t want to change. Of course, there are many positive outcomes. Domestic helper is similar though there is the added longer term support provided. But it comes with the added costs and lock in period of contract. So I guess if you have plans to send the child to infant care once your wife is done with maternity, then perhaps a nanny is a helpful aid at the beginning. Keep calm, have back up plans and go with the flow ☺️

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Register for GetGo tribe or BlueSG, actually Grab ok too. Just don't be too worried if contraction as long as water bag not burst, normally still have to wait for a few more hours in hospital. When she's checked in you can go return the car. insurance ask agent better, got a alot of different plans. depends on budget, I don't have any and saved all the money, just a little tired but I take all the chores as a great way to exercise.

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1. I plan to just get taxi/grab to go to the hospital directly. Normally you will have time before the actual labor. 2. I got my maternity insurance from Prudential. You can DM me if you want to explore more. After birth, get a medical and personal accident policy. 3. I am going for Nanny for 1st month and it really depends on how your family cope. Hope this helps you in little ways!

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