2nd Trimester Blues

I'm at week 14, and having round ligament pain. At times the pain can be pretty bad, sharp, dull pain. Sometimes it's sudden, sometimes it lasts awhile. I used to be rather active, but now, I'm so upset I can't go for walks, go out with my family, or do any housework. Anyone else in the same boat?

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Hi! I had round ligament pain too during my week 14. It was pretty bad that I can’t really walk much or stand too long. I even went to the urgent O&G to check if baby is ok. Somehow after about 2 weeks it got better. The doctor said it’d be due to the expansion of uterus. Hope you feel better soon.

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I suggest if the pain doesn’t last whole day, you should continue to go for walks and do some light exercise. Going out will improve your mood too. Ligament pain is because your body is ‘stretching’ to accommodate your growing baby. As long as the pain is not severe, It’s quite normal.