Round ligament pain

First pregnancy. 18 weeks. Felt some sharp stabbing pains on my lower left abdomen and a bit on my right. Assumed it was constipation at first (since that's been a chronic problem already). Learnt that this pain us actually called round ligament pain and that it's normal esp around this stage of pregnancy. What I'm not sure about is how BAD was your pain if you experienced this? Mine comes in suddenly like when I'm getting out of a car and it's so sharp that I can't stand or walk. The pain kept me tossing and turning last night also. I couldn't sleep

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that happens to me too! it can range from dull ache to sharp pain to crampy feelings. as long as it’s transient and goes away eventually (can be hours) it’s normal round ligament pain according to my gynae.. if the pain is centered where the fetus is, then it’s best to go for a check. take care mummy!

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