Can pregnant woman take panadol/pain killer?

Hi all, I'm week 13 old pregnant and hormones been changing a lot, esp I felt pain every few hrs on my right gum inflammatory, especially at night when sleeping, is there pain killer to ease the pain?

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Yes, infact panadol is one of the only painkillers you can take during pregnancy as other painkillers are deemed unsuitable (: I am not sure as to which kind of panadol you can or cannot take but in general, it's the only painkiller recommended for pregnant women

Yes 1-2 panadol (plain, cannot take panadol extra with caffeine) per day is ok.

It should be fine but please take it under your doc's consultation

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yes it's safe to take but follow the dosage doctor prescribed

Yes should be ok. But take the lowest dosage


yes it's safe but take note of the dosage