Breastfeed while smoking

I'm a smoker but I stopped smoking during the entire pregnancy. Sacrificed for the sake of my baby... but if I were to smoke after birth and I'm planning on breastfeeding, is it possible if I pump 2 / 3 hours before or after smoking. #advicepls

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If you haven't been smoking for the past 9 months, I wish to encourage you to continue. you've done a great job. I stopped when I found out with my first. I stopped when I was in 2nd trimester with my second. I only cut down when I was in my 3rd trimester with my third. I smoked 5 sticks a day with my fourth from 1st trimester. it had proven that smoking during pregnancy indeed produce low birth weight from my experience. I do smoke during my breastfeeding journey. Although my babies were fine, growing up without issues, I still do feel the guilt very much. To be frank, cig stinks so much. I don't smoke with my current pregnancy as I couldn't take the smell. The smell makes me gagged, nausea or even puked. so, if you can stop, continue to stop by all means. it's costy and nasty.

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