Breastfeed while smoking

I'm a smoker but I stopped smoking during the entire pregnancy. Sacrificed for the sake of my baby... but if I were to smoke after birth and I'm planning on breastfeeding, is it possible if I pump 2 / 3 hours before or after smoking. #advicepls

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Please know that smoking while breastfeeding will endanger your baby. Your baby might develop life threatening health problems. I really understand you. I was a smoker too until I found out I am pregnant. I immediately quit for the sake of my baby. And I also intend to fully breastfeed but never have the intention to start smoking again. Also please know that whatever you takes in like nicotine, it stays in your breastmilk. It also inhibit your milk production and might reduce the level of vitamin C that your baby is getting through your breastmilk. Hang in there mummy! It's not easy, I know but for the sake of your baby? You don't want to fork out more $$ if your baby has any health issues.

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