I’m really fed up with my hubby .. I am a sahm for this year to care for my #2 who jus turned 2 this year. I have a 10 year old boy . Next year I’ll be gg back to work. I’m fed up with my hubby Cos everything to him is expensive.. he doesn’t spend too much on himself and on us too . Everything must save .. save , save .. sch holiday wanna bring kids out but always say this one expensive that one expensive.. Jus go downstairs for a walk good enough .. I know this year I’m not working so finance is not like before but even when I was working , he Is also like that! I’m not asking to bring them for very expensive activities but he totally disagree with bringing Kids out to explore n play fearing that they will spend money .. food for kids also wanna save ! I really cannot stand it !! Tried talking to him but he jus say to understand his position .. Help! Am I being too much or unsupportive ???

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Money is a big fight for people and couples. Don't let it spoil your marriage. Agree with the poster above and to come up with a budget

Work out a Budget with him and allocate some amount for leisure.